Core Values

At Symphony we are proud of the culture our company has cultivated, which is based around three core values:


Some examples of…

We will seek and tell the truth

Knowing and speaking the truth is the only firm foundation for trusting, healthy, honorable relationships.

We will consider others before ourselves

First and foremost we will look to the interests of others—and then to our own. We will love our people and partners.

We will accept full responsibility

We will continuously measure and improve on how we perform, take pride in our work and respond immediately to any concerns, and never run from problems but always face them and learn from them.

We will have fun

We work hard. But we never forget that we care about each other, and thus we want to enjoy each other’s company whenever we can. So we also want to laugh and play—together. Even sometimes while we’re working.


Symphony strives to become the most valued guide for our partners in the realm of building systems and communications technologies.


Our clients will become our most effective business development advocates, endorsing us throughout their organization and to other partners. We will continually cultivate quality, long term, valuable client relationships that turn one opportunity into two, two into ten, ten into a thousand. How will we do this?

Glean from those partners

There will always be smarter technologists and decision-makers within our partner companies, and we want to know what they are thinking about, investigating, and trying.

Fill in our partner's gaps

Even the most sophisticated of our clients will lack some competencies. We commit to find these holes, figure out the solution, and freely share that expertise back with our clients.

Follow our partner

Both literally and figuratively—we do what they need us to do and travel where they want us to travel.

Pick the Right Partners

It takes more time to gain trusted status with these ideal partners, but it’s worth the effort.

Roll up our sleeves and get to work

We do the types of tasks others don’t want, and do them well.

Be more nimble than our partners

We respond, adapt, innovate, change how we conduct work as needed. We never allow a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality to develop.