Symphony understands the dynamics of successfully serving our customers in the Multi-Family market. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to address all elements of an integration. Our solutions balance both “sexy” amenities and operational simplicity. Emergency responders can access the basement area with strong service; Wi-Fi streams Netflix at the pool without interruption; the thermostat knows when you are not home to maximize efficiencies; leaky plumbing can be identified immediately—these are just a few of the possibilities.


Symphony’s impact is clear in our seamless integration of these unique services. Our project management skills and point solution knowledge enables us to design, install, and manage these services to reach their full integration potential.


The Hospitality industry has been known for valuing cost-effective solutions over everything. This presents a challenge for a company like Symphony where we offer cutting-edge solutions that may be viewed as a luxury rather than a need for some hotels. Rather than backing off on our stance towards providing hotels with these high-end solutions, Symphony has taken a different approach. We are working with a variety of manufacturers to provide the latest technology—but at a fraction of the cost.


We have been able to implement this strategy by successfully providing multiple hotels with distributed antenna systems (DAS) at different price points because of our OEM partnerships. This success has paved the way for hotels to begin considering other high-end technology solutions that Symphony offers such as BLE-enabled WiFi, and Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON).


Commercial markets can vary from one-story facilities to towering high-rises. This large range means that working with this industry requires flexibility and a deep reservoir of knowledge, of which Symphony has both. We are ready to integrate solutions that meet your specific needs from top to bottom, including:


  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
  • Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS)
  • Cloud-based Surveillance / Access Control
  • Wireless LAN
  • Structured Cabling


Technology and education are becoming inextricably linked. Students today want to be connected anytime, anywhere, and schools want to provide high tech capabilities for their students, as well as ensure their safety in every way possible. Symphony has the solutions and technical know-how to meet both of these needs with comprehensive, efficient solutions. Here are just a few of the solutions Symphony is ready to seamlessly integrate to meet your campus’ technology needs:


  • High-density campus Wi-Fi with wayfinding and asset tracking
  • Reliable cellular coverage throughout campus
  • Mobile access to a Cloud-based surveillance system
  • Interactive white boards in the classroom
  • Campus-wide fiber solution to connect it all


Communication, alert, and monitoring tools for the modern healthcare environment have become increasingly sophisticated as the demands increase for improved patient care. Understanding those needs and knowing how to integrate technology to make it friendly and functional for the health care professional is a task for a company with deep experience such as Symphony.


  • Nurse call
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical alert
  • Asset Tracking
  • Wayfinding
  • Door monitoring


Symphony’s solutions are not limited to the wide array of markets listed above; these are just the more common industries we serve. Symphony’s extensive technological experience, along with our seasoned and diverse team, enables us to customize technology solutions for virtually any industry, including:


  • Data Centers
  • Financial
  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • National deployments
  • Retail