Building Technology Systems



Symphony has access to and experience with all major brands of cameras, network video recorders and video management systems. We’re able to design, install and configure all the necessary elements for a complete surveillance system with the ability to interface with other security systems.


  • Able to provide both turnkey surveillance project solutions and managed surveillance services on a monthly operating basis
  • Numerous large projects: residential campuses, industrial facilities, office complexes, etc.
  • Implement systems for local, mobile and remote viewing and control
  • Migrate from analog standard CCTV to IP Video
  • Integrate with various alarm, intrusion detection and access control systems


Access control systems have grown increasingly complex, requiring careful planning and integration with other security and surveillance systems, video and audio intercom systems, and intrusion detection systems. Symphony has experience with major types of security systems covering all access control needs, such as:


  • Integration of credential-based access control, intrusion detection, intercom and video applications
  • Identity management for profiles, IDs and creating credential
  • Expansion capabilities, for additional ingress/egress locations
  • Configuration of security events and issues in customizable monitoring displays
  • Automatic system management, back-up, upgrades, etc.
  • Ability to upgrade from legacy systems


Symphony understands the increasing need for presentation and interactive capabilities using advanced video and audio technologies. The potential is nearly endless, especially with the advent of new IP-based solutions. Symphony specializes in providing the below systems and solutions customized to the specific needs of our client:


  • Videoconferencing
  • Collaboration and unified messaging
  • Telepresence
  • Video walls

  • Zoned and special application audio systems


Communication, alert, and monitoring tools for the modern healthcare environment have become increasingly sophisticated as the demands increase for improved patient care. Understanding those needs and knowing how to integrate technology to make it friendly and functional for the health care professional is a task for a company with deep experience such as Symphony.


  • Nurse call
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical alert
  • Patient telemetry

  • Door monitoring


Symphony has worked with all major types of HVAC monitoring and controls, lighting controls, as well as other ancillary systems controls to assist customers in obtaining maximum energy efficiency. Symphony enables customers of any size to implement or upgrade their facility maintenance capabilities. Such systems can:


  • Keep building climates within a specified range
  • Light rooms according to an occupancy schedule
  • Monitor performance and device failures in all systems

  • Alarm facility managers in the event of a malfunction


Symphony has experience implementing all major brands of fire alarm systems in the most sophisticated facilities, as well as NICET-certified technicians who can work on stand alone or networked systems. Symphony can provide full design and implementation of first responder repeater systems (also known as public safety DAS). All these Symphony offers to our Tier 1 fire alarm partners.


  • Unique ability to work with systems of any manufacture
  • Next generation life-safety systems allowing for Internet monitoring and remote servicing
  • Addressable notifications for greater continuity of business
  • Networked solutions for single control over multiple locations