IoT Systems


With the proliferation of broadband services, connecting wired or wireless devices to a network that is designed, executed, and managed is rapidly offering unprecedented insight.  Symphony’s research has confirmed that owners want a management “first” approach to IOT focusing on quantifiable operating efficiencies and a resident “wow” factor where it makes sense.


As a trusted systems integration partner, we are experts at implementing advanced technologies yet also connecting the solutions in a seamless manner.  In today’s environment, owners may have national provider solutions in place for some services, yet in local markets the options are limited to companies with their core competences.  We are both “Wide and Deep” as a single source for your IOT and technology needs. In addition to the solutions offered below, we are evaluating numerous voice-activated solutions, sensors, blinds, speakers, and things that we have not thought of yet.

IoT Management Software

Stratis IOT is THE leader Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built for the complexities of MultiFamily. The Stratis SAAS model allows management to manage smart locks, smart thermostats, and leak detection devices remotely. Stratis also offers an enhanced Alexa integration so users can manage other ancillary devices in their unit.

Smart Locks

Locks have been around for ages, however, Smart Locks, are quite sophisticated and need to be installed carefully.  The newer locks are implemented on IP Networks that need to be secure and well managed.  We are certified in Schlage locks, the present industry leader.  Schlage offers a variety of proven solutions to meet the next generation needs.

Smart Thermostats

Symphony supports a variety of smart thermostat devices including Nest, Lyric, and several others.  Optimize your energy usage in vacant units.  Turn on the AC or Heater prior to a showing from the leasing office.  Future applications can include demand generation where management can unilaterally change the temperature during peak usage to maximize rebate opportunities.

Leak Detection

Sensors can detect unusual flow or water on the ground alerting management and the resident immediately.  Leaky flappers can be detected before expensive water bills arrive.  Small leaks can add up to big bucks.

Video Intercom

ButterflyMX is the first cloud-based smartphone video intercom solution. Designed for both new construction and retrofits, ButterflyMX provides tenant with unparalleled convenience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional intercom system.

Access Control

We have partnered with GateWise to turn your outdated Door King/Lenel access control into a mobile friendly system.  Residents send their guests a digital access code to facilitate entry to the property.  Entries are logged/stored in the cloud for reporting & analytics.  Key fobs & HID cards become secondary as residents’ mobile phones allow entry.