Networking & Communication



Thousands of nodes integrated into complex environments, using major models of traditional DAS equipment. Stadiums, malls, high rise offices, etc. With our next-generation Whoop Wireless Master VAR, Symphony can provide cellular DAS with full coverage at 70-80% cost reduction over traditional DAS. Expertise in:


  • Site survey / benchmark testing
  • System design
  • Carrier coordination
  • Equipment provisioning
  • System implementation / optimization

  • Testing, ongoing monitoring, maintenance and upgrades


Bandwidth, security, mobility, scalability: these are only a few of the many concerns related to designing, establishing and managing multiple networks. Much thought and care must be given to the interface between the wired and wireless components of the network. Our expertise includes:


  • Architect and implement Ethernet transport layer
  • Assess facility, design and implement most effective WLAN solution
  • Provide layers of security with stand-alone appliances or in hosted environments
  • Real time monitor and manage all network elements

  • Conduct network diagnostics and identify network bottlenecks or vulnerabilities


Extensive experience in the design, provisioning, project management and implementation of extensive wide area networks. Great working relationships with all major carriers and expertise in coordinating and successfully concluding large scale projects. For those nationwide deployment projects that require a significant background in coordinating telecom carriers, Symphony is ready to step in with effectiveness and efficiency.


With a nationwide array of qualified contractors, Symphony is able to ensure that all the latest, high bandwidth wired and wireless infrastructure coax is delivered with quality to support network services. Whether commercial offices, data centers, industrial facilities with special requirements—there is no network infrastructure type or solution that Symphony hasn’t delivered before, and there are no wiring problems and challenges Symphony can’t overcome.



Let Symphony help guide through the maze of customization of features such as address books, ringtones, desktop extensions, click to call, and on and on. And, of course, integrated communications, ACD, IVR and all the main system functionalities are well in hand with Symphony. With the complexity and versatility in the current telephony market, there is no need to remain confused or stinted of desired functionality any longer.